Crane Simulator by Kyle Timmerman

This program allows visualization of an operable tower crane. Although the crane controls are more realistic with 2 joysticks, the crane can be operated with a single stick or with the keyboard. Different views are available for interesting perspectives. You'll be able to pick up and move objects during the simulation. Algorithms incorporate wind and inertia into the crane motion. Solid modeling with appropriate overlapping has been added to recent versions. Take a close look at the crane operator during the simulation. Try your luck operating the crane during a thunderstorm. Watch out for lightning! After downloading crane.zip, unzip the file and simply run.

  • Crane Simulator (ZIP)

    The National Institute of Standards and Technology has some virtual reality simulators located at the following site- NIST. You will need to install one of the virtual plug-ins supplied at the site to make them work Although the graphics are good the actual simulations are not as accurate as the one designed by Kyle.